Saturday, October 19, 2013

Petition to Clean, make it Safe and fire Terry at Northern gay sauna in Flushing NY.

 Department of Health is not responding to the LGBT Health and Safety requests to fix up the Northern Gay Sauna in Flushing.

Send a message to commissioner Mary Travis Basset, 
thank you

"Northern" Gay Sauna in Flushing New York is the most disgusting and filthy facility with an abusive employee Terry.

After many many complaints from patrons to the owner Mr. Rogers, owner of the Northern gay sauna in Flushing NY about the abuse and very bad attitude they experience on a regular basis from the employee Terry, patrons have come together and signed a petition demanding to fire Terry. The patrons feel the need to do so, because of the many complaints in the past have been ignored by Mr. Rogers with the excuse that Terry is a reliable employee.

Because many of the patrons come from minority backgrounds and some speak very little English, they are a very vulnerable community and an easy target for abuse and disrespect.

Patrons have come together to address this issue further and are demanding now that the employee Terry gets fired and that the facility will be fixed so it is safe and clean.

If the owner Mr. Rogers fails to comply, we will contact the media and public officials so they can take further actions as well.

Below are pictures to share with the public about the filthy facility and a petition for the public to sign. You can show your support by leaving a comment below.

We thank you in advance for your support and we hope we can make a change.

Response from the Sauna owner Mr. Rogers

Petition from the Northern Sauna Patrons                                                             October 2013

Many patrons of the Northern Sauna have come together to sign and submit this petition to the owner Mr. Rogers, to express our concerns about your employee Terry. We find his behavior very rude, abusive, unfriendly and is very little or not cooperative. His nasty attitude towards many patrons has been the reason for people to return less or not come back at all. Terry is also pimping patrons for money and tips and does nothing to earn it.

While we appreciate you for providing the community with your establishment and we value the Northern Sauna, we want to continue to enjoy spending personal time there, without Terry’s negative energy that is interrupting our positive experience on a regular basis. We feel after years of his negativity and abusive behavior, it is time to bring it to your attention again in form of a petition, because the many individual complaints have not resulted in any change in his behavior with the patrons.

We thank you in advance for your time and consideration and we hope that this petition will provide you with valuable information addressing our concerns with Terry and we hope that in the future we can enjoy a hassle free environment at the Northern Sauna establishment. Should this abuse continue in the future, patrons are willing to speak to the media to take further action about this matter.

Here are some pictures about this unsafe, roach infested and disgusting facility.

 Locker Room

Roaches all over

see how the leg in the middle is anchored on the floor

 The mirror is taped to the wall with duct tape
The grill sticks out and I saw people hurt themselves, because they walk barefoot.
weight scale


Water fountain
 Sauna closed by Dept. of Health

The Shower
 The shower
Table tennis and duct tape on carpet
 Leaking ceilings for months

 Please leave a comment and let the owner Mr. Rogers know that enough is enough.

thank you